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Death of a Dog

I never cared for dogs 
especially little ones 
like the one 
who pranced inside 
the door left open 
not to welcome strays 
but to catch a breeze 
on a hot summer day. 
A silly little mutt 
pushing its nose against 
my hand it licked 
wagging its tail while 
looking into my eyes 
before flashing out 
the still open door 
while I, compelled 
for some undefinable reason 
followed this dumb little dog 
who ran into the street 
got hit by a car 
then waited to die 
til I held it in my hands 
it licked me 
and wagged its tail 
one last time. 
And though decades have passed 
Since the death of this dog 
whose body I threw into 
a dumpster of garbage and trash 
I, who never cared for dogs 
Especially little dead ones 
Cannot forget this mutt 
Who came into my life 
For five minutes, no more