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"I Had a Dream"

by Hilton Hines
This dream was so peaceful and serene, 
We were living though the visions 
of Dr. Martin Luther King. 
I had a dream, 
I visualized that every boy and girl 
was taught to be friends, 
And race is what they run for fun, 
Not the color of skin. 
I had a dream 
That man had never created deadly diseases, 
There was no crying nor dying 
From cancer, AIDS or Hepatitis C, 
There was no hunger and starvation 
From the USA to Africa 
And Africa wasn't stripped 
Of gold, diamonds and oil 
By no good scavengers. 
I dreamed 
That there were no wars. 
Love and peace was the plan. 
We destroyed nuclear plants 
And purified our lands. 
I dreamed 
Osama bin Ladin came out' 
Of hiding like a real man. 
He knew Allah wouldn't justify 
His evil commands. 
I had a dream 
We didn't have currency, 
Taxes nor inflation, 
No armies, only schools 
And colleges for higher education. 
We didn't lie or cheat, 
We made our own clothes, 
Grew our own food: 
You had to work to eat. 
I had a dream 
We were all rich but 
In our hearts not our pockets, 
There were no such things 
As computers, lasers or rockets. 
I had a dream 
That this world had 
Forgotten about color, 
We all loved one another 
As sisters and brothers. 
I had a dream 
We came together as one 
From the USA, Iraq, Cuba 
to Afghanistan 
and George Bush 
Saddam Hussein and 
Fidel Castro 
Hugged and shook hands. 
I had a dream.