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No Beauty in Cell Bars

by Spoon Jackson

Restless, unable to sleep
Keys, bars, the guns being racked
Year after year
Endless echoes
of steel kissing steel

Constant yelling
Nothing said
Vegetating faces, lost faces,
dusted faces

A lifer
A dreamer
Tomorrow's a dream
yesterday's a memory
Both a passing of a cloud

How I long
for the silence of a raindrop
falling gently to earth
The magnificence of a rose
blooming into its many hues
of color
The brilliance of a rainbow
when it sweetly lights up the sky
after a pounding rainfall

Picnics in a rich green meadow
We saw the beauty in butterflies
We made it our symbol
Tiny grains of sand
One hour glass
A tear that may engender
a waterfall

The memories
the dreams
are now
Love is now

There's no beauty in cellbars.

Note: Used by permission of the author. Spoon has his own website that includes this poem and other examples of his work. See our links page for other prison poetry web sites!