Tim Hampton

Timothy Hampton      
Allred Unit  
2101 FM 369  
Iowa Park, TX 76367

Hello Seeker,

What I'm merely doing is adventuring for a fair chance at gaining someone that can be or that's naturally understandable and can be a friend, on all certain types of levels. So if you would allow me more of your precious time, I would like to present to you on what I have in mind, then depart from your presence, the way that I've approached you; with hopes of gaining some type of amity. I really do appreciate you allowing me to share my interior thoughts...

My name is Tim, but all my associates call me Lil Bo. I'm 28 years old. My eyes are brown and I'm paper sack brown. My physique is very simple. I'm muscular build. My height is 5'6" and I weigh 148 pounds. I'm aware that it was I who initiated this contact in the first place and therefore, I must tread discreetly. But there are some questions that I need to ask you before I can proceed to other things. First and foremost, do you believe in giving a man a second chance; and a chance at knowing you, considering his whereabouts? Are you a really judgmental person? Do you feel that a person can really change himself for the better and overcome certain situations and places, if he had someone there by his side, helping and struggling with him? Sometimes it gets quite lonely not hearing from anyone out there. I'm just looking for an understanding person for this lonesome journey. I'll be hoping and patiently waiting for your responses.