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Essay: "Compassion"

by Gerry Hill
What The World Needs

Compassion- this is perhaps what the world needs now at this crucial time in history. We have to go back in generations and have a look at how compassion was taught, when the majority of world leaders were men. I say this because for some having compassion would be a sign of weakness or being less than a man. This is a time to teach that compassion is a sign of maturity and respect for humankind. I believe Martin L. King described it when explaining the word Agape which is not the love for the individual, but the love for humanity. Compassion shows your strength not your weakness. We are not solving problems physically with inferior foes because the problems are still here. When we as a country prove we are the victors through strength, there comes a time to show compassion to the prisoners of war and civilians, or we would not be having the court martial of our serviceman for abuse of captives and civilians.

I pray that there comes the time that penal systems will find a way to show compassion to the young and juveniles that fall prey to the system. There are investigations and allegations against several juvenile facilities of abuse that is becoming quite atrocious according to the standards of a civilized society. The young that are not part of the privileged of society are being placed in some form of locked up environment at a very young age and are being manipulated and experimented on, then released worse than when they came in. I would say it is time to show some compassion to the young and troubled and come up with a positive solution. Some might say compassion doesn't make money. But, what I believe is if we think hard enough something will come up. Everything else has been tried, so can we finally be men enough to try some compassion?