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Essay: "Love"

by Prince Asar Melchisedec Ahmad Abdullah Mustafa Bey-El
I am who I am. My holy name is Prince Asar Melchisedec Ahmad Abdullah Mustafa Bey-El. I am a Muslim in America, with this as a holy name. What my holy name means to me is love for God, who I recognize as almighty "Allah", the Arabic Semitic language of southwestern Asia and northern Africa, in which the holy name "Allah", Arabic to Muslims, means God. In order to show our love for Allah, we Muslims name ourselves after Allah, recognizing the existence, independence, knowledge, appreciation, as we get acquaintance with ourselves and Allah. The holy name lets me know I truly love my God, to the point I am his son, and the son of God is named after his father, God Allah, even though I am a son of man.

The one recognized as Jesus, African Hebrew Israelite name is 'Yeshua Ben Yosef', in Hebrew stated in the holy Bible Revelation 2:17 "Yeshua promised that all over comers would receive a secret stone, and on the stone a new secret name." You can read in the Holy Bible Jacob's name, whose Hebrew name was Yakub, was changed to Israel. Saul received the name St. Paul in Acts 13:19 and Abram's name was changed to Abraham, turn to Genesis 17:5 of your Holy bible. I loved Allah so much I wanted to be named after him, which is my new secret name, with a secret meaning and message behind it. Allah loved me back by revealing it to me. The holy name is not just a spiritual name; it is after your Black, African, Moorish, Egyptian, Israelite, Jewish bloodline in which all was one people in ancient times. Being named after Allah has given me more respect as Muslin and more honors to my roots and culture. I learned I as an African in America, am descendant of a long line of kings and princes, and today I am called a "prince of Islam," meaning 'Prince of Peace." Asar means 'Lord of the Perfect Black,' which is the personification of the blackness of the vast un-manifest regions of existence, in which I am Black, the perfect color for me. I originally named myself that after the Egyptian word for God Allah is called (Osiris) pronounced Asar. I come to realize Asar had a deeper meaning than I originally expected. Asar is the essence of all things and the very soul of every human being as the Higher Self, who through ignorance, has become involved in negative worldly things plus slain by its own ego and struggles to regain its original state of perfection. According to this ancient Egyptian teaching I am who I am, the 'Lord of the Perfect Black.'

The love of Allah is manifested in all things yet, out of all these things, many have came, but only a few see, what this love is. I love my holy names, like Melchisedec means "King of Salem,' which means 'King of Peace' in which, I am the father and son, king and prince of peace. Allah is the father king of kings, as I am his son, should not the son of a man be a king, if he is of his father God Allah. Asar is a title when he is resurrected and he takes place in the Netherworld as king, who presides over the judgment of the heart of the aspirant. Ahmad means the name Mahammad which means "comforter,' 'advocate' and 'God with us'. I am a Ahmad a 'comforter,' to the poor and oppressed and a revolutionary Black Nationalist Militant 'advocate' of the organization N.W.T. called N.O.-W.O.L.F.I.N.-T.O.R.R.O.R.I.S.T. meaning New Order-World Operational Leaders Forming International Nations- Teaching Our Radical Revolution Operational Rehabilitation Ideal Situation Tactics. I believe God is with us, if we are with him and my name reflects who I am with: Allah himself.

Abdullah proves who I am with, it means 'servant of Allah." Mustafa speaks for itself also; it means 'God's Elect' and 'wisdom'. Bey means "governor' and 'god' while El means Elohim, the Hebrew word for God. Bey-El put together means "House of God', it is from the word Bethel which means the same. God is with us, I am the 'House of God' as you are, where his love and wisdom (Mustafa) is founded, who is 'God's Elect' who is a 'servant of Allah,' who crowned me with the names 'King and Prince of Peace', as a elect who became 'Lord of the Perfect Black", all because I loved a name, that loved Allah, it loves me back. Love is all the good things in life and the bad help us to recognize who are what love is. I am full of it, manifested in the flesh. I am love. Love is the one who created it. Allah, God himself.